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D-Unit and T-Rent

Combined Weight: 600lbs
Height: 6'1 (D-Unit) 6' (T-Rent)
Hometown: The Bay Area

Tag Team Finisher: "Rizz Bomb" (Sit Out Powerbomb/Neckbreaker Combination)


Singles Finisher: (D-Unit) "Skeet Skeet Splash" [Frog Splash] (T-Rent) "Hater Toss" [Reverse Driver]

Signature Holds: (D-Unit) "Trust Fall" [Senton](T-Rent) "Two For Flinching" [Double Chest Chop]


Career Accomplishments: 2-Year undefeated streak in APW; Tag Team of the Year Award (2012); APW/Vendetta Pro Unified Tag Team Champions



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