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Zero1 Pro Wrestling Japan

Congratulations to APW Boot Camp Student Sione Finau for becoming Fighting Spirit Challenge 4 Champion!!

Sione Finau, Winner of the first APW Scholarship Tryout has fought, clawed, trained and sacrificed to reach the level that was needed to secure a major victory in the eyes of All Pro Wrestling and more importantly Zero1 Japan and earn himself a chance of a lifetime, to train in the Zero1 Japanese Dojo!

We at All Pro Wrestling are very proud of Sione and his accomplishments. This determined and passionate talent hasn't even made his wrestling pro debut, but has learned so much of the business and is looking primed to make it big when the time comes!

Anything is possible in this business - having great wrestling training is essential in making Professional Wrestling your lifestyle. Proper training, nutrition, fitness and lifestyle are key factors and those are elements the All Pro Wrestling Boot Camp utilize in creating the talents of tomorrow!

This is the prime example of students and wrestlers needing to be ready, and follow the items mentioned above. You always need to be ready, with passport and prepared to tryout for not only for Zero1 Japan, but any other major promotion because dreams do come true!

APW Owner Roland Alexander: I want to personally congratulate Sione Finau, the coaches, Jeckles the Jester, Larry Harvey and every student in the very talented APW Boot Camp who worked hard with Sione to help him make his dream come true. I've said this many times in the past - You need to be ready! In-ring ability, promo skill, the IT factor including your look due to hard work on nutritional diets, training in the weight room like only an animal does, have your portfolio ready that includes, resume, publicity photos and a video of your best match and best promo. Don't pass up opportunities! You never know. I want to thank Timothy Loftus, another student who hasn't made his pro debut, Dylan Drake, the APW Universal Heavyweight Champion who represented the school, promotion and his championship very well. Of course, I'd like to thank Jeckles who was one of the final 3 being considered.

Mark my word, Jeckles and Drake will get there if they keep at it and do the right things. I want to also thank Zero 1 Japan and the trainers who helped conduct the tryout. I know Zero 1 does these tryouts 3 or 4 times a year in the U.S. and I want to encourage every wrestler and student to save your entry fee, get your passport and have your shit together because you never know when opportunity presents itself and you need to take advantage. I am proud of all those who were involved in this great experience and for everyone that participated and especially CONGRATULATIONS TO SIONE FINAU!

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