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All Pro Wrestling's Training School - BOOT CAMP

Dreams come true only if you take a chance!
What do The Great Khali, Crash Holly, and Spike Dudley have in common? Before they went on to the WWE and became household names they started at the APW Garage as Dalip Singh, Mike Lockwood, and Matt Hyson.

Professional wrestling is a craft and it is only through guidance and expertise of the pros at APW Boot Camp than you can truly master this craft and learn how to wrestle. From fundamentals, nutrition and workout regiments, the BOOT CAMP is the place to begin your dreams of being in Professional Wrestling.


All YOU Need is APW and a Dream!

To begin YOUR Journey as a Professional Wrestler, Manager, Referee or Valet, please send an e-mail of interest to:

Boot Camp Head Trainer: Dylan Drake


Beginner's Trainer: Matt Carlos


Assistant Trainer: Idris Jackson


Beginner Classes:

Tues & Thurs


Semi-Pro Classes:

Wed: 6:30-9:00PM

Sun: 12-2:00PM

Training Center: The Gold Mine

930 Oddstad Blvd.

Pacifica, California 94044

Referee Coach: Sparkey Ballard


Promo Coach: Donovan Troi


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